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Name: TK
Contact Info: [ profile] soulscandalous
Other Characters: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Name: Guy
ta da!
Canon: The Croods
History: here @ the Croods wiki
Canon point:
post being tossed by Grug over the ravine (panfandom immigrant due to the time he's from and unable to figure out where he'd come from on the d_a map)

Guy, despite his years, is a fairly worldly and wise individual considering his time period. A (presumably the last) Cro-Magnon, he has spent most of his life running from a series of tectonic collapses that he likes to call The End, or rather the shifting of the continental plates that caused the land mass known as Pangaea broke apart, around a hundred and seventy five million years ago, in a lost time period known as the Croodaceous (confirmed by Dreamworks).

Guy has fairly modern ideas for an individual who grew up in a time where the world was mostly feral, intelligent and free thinking in a way much like people of today's society. He doesn't possess the inhuman strength and primitive ways of the Neanderthals he travels with, but rather a sharp wit and steady mind, what he later informs them is a "brain". He's incredibly self aware, and in spite of his initial hostile introduction with the Croods is an easy going guy (no pun intended).

The Croods talk to him like he's one of the group, not speaking to him with hostility or harshness despite their first impressions on each other, and in spite of his initial recoiling and how afraid he is of them (even questioning if Gran is going to eat him at one point), he's willing to help them out once he establishes his dominance and freedom over his own self instead of being drug around inside a hollow log. He takes great pleasure in showing them a world that they've never known, helping them open up to the idea that not everything is scary or out to get them, and they accept him into their lives not only as their only way of surviving, but a leader towards a better tomorrow (something that irritates Grug to no end until their reconciliation).

Guy starts out as a fairly lonely individual, having been on his own with just Belt for company for a long time (if the length of Belt's arms are anything to go by). When the quakes catch up to him, he has a tendency to become panicky, no doubt from the things that he's seen involving the collapse of the planet. Towards the end, when it seems like there's no way out, he's heavily devastated, allowing Ugga to herd him back to the cave they found earlier before Grug comes up with a way. This indicates that he's easily depressed if he can't think of a way or figure something out, but he's willing to step forward and try anything once, when Grug suggests using his strength to throw them over the newly created ravine.

Hope is what Guy clings to, almost all he has left from his childhood. He followed his parents' last words, following the light instead of hiding in the dark. The hope that he'd find a better Tomorrow, a better place to live in regardless of whether or not anyone else was with him was what kept him going. It helped him survive, in a way, because a man with no hope is a lost man. He's not afraid of taking lives, if his first introduction to the Croods is any indication - it's almost suggested that he's done it before. He puts himself between them and Eep, a girl he'd only known for perhaps half an hour at most, indicating that he has a fairly great sense of 'You run, I'll hold them off'. He's not completely incapable of holding his own, despite his lack of strength, and he has the ability to set traps to snare his own food.

Powers/Special Abilities:
Guy isn't strong like the Croods, but he more than makes up for it with his intellect and creativity. He's adept in making various inventions and coming up with ideas, such as the puppetry made to lure in the Macawnivore and the large bird, and was the first to make fire.

- one (1) necklace with three sea shells
- one (1) pair of animal pelt pants
- one (1) pair of animal paw shoes
- one (1) pair of arm wrappings
- one (1) sloth named Belt

Greatest Fear:
Guy fears the dark. He hates it, as evident by his pleading with Eep to let him reignite the fire. He's been following the light for so long that it's become his literal reason for living, the symbol of his faith in the last words of his parents. He fears loosing Belt, who has been with him since who knows when, presumably after loosing his parents. At one point he's afraid of being eaten before Ugga points out that he's too skinny for Gran.

More than anything, though, he fears The End. He's only initially panicky with the Croods because he believes he won't make it through the collapse of the tectonic plates if he's their captive, though they end up going his way when he asserts his dominance and freedom by telling them he could choose to help them. When the collapse cuts them off at the twin peaks, he's devastated, indicating that by that point he's run out of ideas on how to escape the one thing that he fears the most.

How is your character appropriate for this game?
Guy is a survivor. He's outlived his family even after their demise by tar, and he keeps thinking up inventions in order to survive on his own. He made himself a suit out of animal skin, presumably so that other animals would leave him alone. He might not be strong, but he's plenty knowledgeable about the outside world.

Rooming request section: Joe West please! any floor except that floor with the crazy people

Year/Position: college freshman

AU Specific Section
Feel free to ignore if you aren't writing a character into the Disney_Academy AU setting
AU history
How has it affected them?

First Person Sample
[I hope you're all used to Guy's questions by now, Disney Academy, because when the feed clicks on there's a look of pure curiosity on his face, his eyes bright with excitement.]

I'm still exploring this place - there's so many things that I would never have even thought of! - but I found this contraption downstairs. You see, I was hunting for food, and I found this.

[He shifts the communicator to view Belt sitting on top of the fridge, peering into the feezer and the sloth makes chittering sounds at his human.]

Well of course it's cold! It does something to the food that makes it hard and inedible.

[Remembering his audience, Guy turns his attention back to the communicator, giving it a sheepish smile when his stomach growls.]

But, uh, I guess what I'm asking any of this food edible? And if so, how?

Third Person Sample
Guy hated it when the Mist engulfed the campus in its fluffy, black, dense capacity.

It reminded him of the times when he'd had no shelter, no way to stop the darkness from flooding his temporary camp. It had taken him a long time to discover fire - a bit of an accident really - and since making it, it had kept him not only warm, but safe. The Black Mist reminded him of darker times, after losing his parents to tar, the first time he'd had to kill a caveman in self defense. Times before Belt, before the Croods.

It reminded him of the crevice, the complete and utter despair that had engulfed him when he'd been so close to his dream. Close enough that he felt like he could just reach out and touch the sun. The warmth that had beamed down on him had been exhilarating.

But then The End had caught up with them. The earth had exploded in front of them, cracked open and hot boiling lava stretched out in their way far below. Grief and hopelessness had swallowed his heart as the dark clouds of ash and smoke had swallowed the sun. He remembered being shell shocked, unable to move but gesture and look at Eep. She was possibly the only one who vaguely understood his desperation.

Guy pressed his forehead against the window where he was looking out at the Mist at the thought of her, closing his eyes. Companionship had been something he'd yearned for, and despite the rocky start he'd grown to like the Croods, Eep's forwardness and curiosity. He heard Belt chirp and looked to where the tiny sloth was sitting on the windowsill.

"I know, Belt. We can only hope they made it across safely."

Hope was all Guy had.


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